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RockPipes are an energetic Celtic Rock Band with a difference - we have great fun, encourage loads of audience participation and love gigs where we can show off our literally flaming pipes!  We mix rock classics from the likes of Pink Floyd, the Stones, even Abba and Coldplay with traditional Scottish and Celtic numbers, our two formidible highland pipers and fiddle player leading vocal lines.


We're a mix of classically-trained musicians (and teachers!) and pipe band members, together presenting a fantastically frantic fusion of styles! Interesting and great fun to watch as we move around the stage (and instruments!), we equally love playing at festivals, events, private parties and just jamming together!

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'Pirate' Andy's love of whisky led him to pipes. A classically trained guitarist originally with a Rock background, Andy loves blending these passions with the rest of the band.

The band's true Scot in every sense of the word! Hailing from Edinburgh, Andy has an appetite for stage performance and blowing audiences away with his pipework!

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'Gothic chick' Christine has been waiting many years to be in a rock band. Classically trained and heavily involved in music education; she is now delighted to be on the stage herself. Why should the kids have all the fun!

When she's not playing keyboards, recorder or guitar, ‘Mad Max’ loves banging her tenor drum and wearing Mick Jagger lips! She’s a classically-trained music teacher now seeking attention!

Introducing Grahame: bass player extraordinaire, sound expert and experienced gigger - he keeps us on the straight and narrow! 

Hailing from South Africa, classically trained pianist Charmaine plays keyboard and the occasional tenor drum with RockPipes . Playing with the band has brought out the 'Rock Chick ' in her with a fondness for tartan.

'Jiminy Stixx' started playing drums in his school orchestra. He's played in many Bristol bands as well as a pipe band and drives the whole band with his dynamic style of playing.

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